August 2018


One of our scientists' is featured in the New York Times! Yay Annette Fayet! Check it out here

Record puffling rescue in NL this month. Thanks to the amazing volunteers and the Puffin Patrol team!

The Puffin Patrol has been too popular and has recommended the patrollers stop coming out due to high volume. The pufflings are getting hit by cars. Please listen to the news for updates.


July 2018

Happy Summer! Boy does time fly like puffins! Fast and furious.

Here is a wonderful photo essay from the Guardian featuring our favourite bird.

Enjoy! http://bit.ly/2sO1J2T

If you are in puffin zones, make sure you keep an eye out for them and their offspring. Be kind. Keep your pets away. Turn your lights off at night to make sure the fledging goes well.

Every bit helps our little friends.


January 2018

Happy New Year puffin friends! Want to turn a new leaf? Fancy a new job? Check this gig out.

October 2017

Great news.... Puffin Patrol has been sold to NHK Japan, Choice TV in New Zealand and Explora in Canada. 


August 2017

It's that time of year again where our pufflings start venturing out into the world.  AND they need your help. If you live in a puffin area, dim your lights at night and keep an eye out for pufflings on the road. Release them in the morning.

Join the Puffin Patrol rescue group in Witless Bay! Or follow them on Facebook. 


July 2017


CBC is re-broadcasting the documentary, July 28 at 8 pm, 8:30 pm NL.


Read what Annette's been up to here!

Skomer has some openings so get in touch to book!

June 2017


Our little puffins are back and are busy looking after their eggs.  It looks like a hot summer which may make it a tricky summer for our friends. 


April 2017

I'm happy to report that we've made a few more sales of Puffin Patrol! Top Choice TV in New Zealand, Intra Comm in Russia and Prima Zoom in the Czech Republic. Happy to share our puffins with you!

March 2016


The Water Docs and DC Environment Film Festival screenings were a blast. Everyone loves puffins! Thanks for sharing the puffin love.


February 2016


People in the DC area have 3 opportunities to see Puffin Patrol on March 15 and 19! http://dceff.org/festival/ for details.


Wonderful puffin news my friends. Puffin Patrol will screen in Toronto at Water Docs on March 26.  Go here for information.


Here is an interesting article about our Maine puffins and where they go for winter. Maybe they are hanging with Snooky?


January 2016


Happy New Year!  Puffin Patrol has great news to start the year off with.


Puffin Patrol has been invited to the prestigious 2016 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital (EFF) in Washington, DC. 


December 2015

Well, it's been a crazy but good year for all of us at Puffin Patrol. Good things are happening on our end. The film will travel to some festivals in the New Year and will grace your television sets. News to follow.

Congrats to our puffin patroller, Annette Fayet. She got her PhD. Now we can call her Dr. Fayet. Good for her. I'll check in with Michelle in the New Year to see how she's doing on her thesis. Perhaps we can call her Dr. Fitzsimmons too. Wouldn't that be grand.

And congrats to my co-workers who have all moved on to new and exciting projects.

All the best to you in the New Year. Follow us on Twitter! @puffinpatrol


November 2015


THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR WATCHING. We really appreciated your wonderful comments and tweets. CANADIANS can watch the doc. on CBC's The Nature of Things. 




We were honoured with an amazing review in the Globe & Mail by John Doyle! Read it below:




I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the creation of this doc. On a personal note I'd like to thank my co producer Rosemary House who came to me with this great story about a bunch of people rescuing puffins in Witless Bay. It's amazing what one can do with a fantastic story.


I'd also like to thank the people who gave their time to us - our cast. Team Puffin NL: Michelle, Greg, Dave, Amy, Holly, Jurgen, Elfie, Suzanne, Dena and CPAWS - thank you so much for your generousity and opening your Witless Bay island and homes up to Nigel and the Crew! Team Puffin Skomer: Tim, Annette, Eddie & Birgitta and the Skomer gang - we really appreciate you letting us come film and stay in your bunk beds! And wake you up. :) Team Puffin Maine: Steve, Stephanie, Coll and the researchers - thanks for hosting us on Egg Rock and showing us how to not be dive bombed by terns!


A HUGE thank you goes out to our director Scott Dobson. Scott, you are a wonderful puffin whisperer. And you keep me sane. To Nigel Markham, our cinematographer - Thank you for making this film look so fabulous! And thank you for being so patient and waiting for that perfect shot. Carole Larsen, you are amazing editor. We couldn't have done this without you. Mark Bragg, thank you for making the puffins sing. The music is wonderful. And to our sound team, Mark and Marco... thanks for capturing those puffin thuds, wing ruffles and feet. Mark Alberts, you created fantastic maps and puffin homes. Russell Gienapp, you caught never seen before puffin beauty in slow motion with your high speed camera.


A giant shout out goes to our St. John's crew who keep us in line, data managed and on budget. You are A one in my books! Big kudos go to NIFCO who made the film look and sound so terrific. In Toronto, a shout out goes to Daniel Pellerin and his crew for his sound mix. And to the Hardie family. RIP Jim, we will miss you. 


And BIG thank you in in order to the people who got us to the islands on time even when the waters got rough. Danny & Tyler, Hardy Boats, Dale Sailing, O'Brien's Boat Tours, Lockley Lodge.


None of this would have happened without the support of the CBC. Thank you Mark Starowitz, Sue Dando, Caroline Underwood, FM Morrison, Sue Baker, Anna Lukas, Nadine Siminuc, Annette Bradford and Justine Fung! 

This film was also generously supported by the CBC, CMF, The Rogers Doc Fund, Newfoundland & Labrador Development Corporation, Canada, Ontario and Newfoundland Tax Credit programs.


And lastly, I'd like to thank the puffins. We love you.


October 2015


Toronto and GTA: Just a reminder that you can see a sneak peek of Puffin Patrol at Planet in Focus on Oct. 25 at 2:15 pm. Our Director, Scott Dobson, will be in attendance. 


Calling all birders with an interest in the Audubon Society's birding camp for adults and children in Maine. Registration is open. Click here for information. 


Our pals in Witless Bay and surrounding areas have let us know that the petrels have started to fledge. So like with pufflings, please dim your lights on clear evenings and look for lost and confused petrels! Contact the team in Witless Bay on Facebook for further information on what to do!


September 2015


If you are based in Newfoundland, there is still time to help out in Witless Bay. It's Petrel fleding season and like puffins find their way onto land at night and need assistance in getting out to sea. For more information, click here.


We are thrilled to announce that Puffin Patrol will have it's debut at Toronto's Planet in Focus film festival on October 25 at 2:15 pm. Get your tickets here.

Our pufflings have left Newfoundland, Maine and Wales for the North Atlantic. Over the next 8 months, they will explore the vast area and find the best spots for food and hanging out. In Spring, they will seek out companionship near the shores of their homeland. Our Puffin Patrol scientists will keep track of their activities and will report back to us on their puffin antics. Stay tuned!


August 2015


Due to predation, the releases have been moved from the beach to the water for the safety of the pufflings. Thanks to the NL tour operators for stepping up to provide the transport for our little friends!


The Puffin Patrol have had a busy few days. 32 birds were released yesterday. Overall, the numbers are down this year which is a good thing. Witless Bay and surrounding towns have lessened the amount of light on at night and poor weather conditions have diffused the lights somewhat. Cloudy skies at night are a bonus in fledging season. 


Here are some great snaps from the most recent release. 


The Witless Bay puffin patrol has started.  For more information, click here! Be safe and have fun!


They are reminding people to check their window wells at night for pufflings and to turn out the lights. Keep our precious puffs safe!


We checked in with Greg Robertson in Newfoundland about the bad summer and asked about how it might affect the puffins. He says, "So far so good, everything looks okay. If this weather and onshore flow keeps up, the puffin patrol is going to be extremely busy this August and September." Get ready Newfoundland Puffin Patrollers!


July 2015


Here's a Yale Press conversation with Stephen Kress on how he's trying to save Maine's puffins. 


News from Skomer: Annette Fayet from Oxford University has informed us that "50% of the colour ringed birds (all breeding adults) are missing, and productivity has a lot lower than normal in the past year. This is distressing!


One month to go before the Puffin Patrol gets down to business in Witless Bay. Do you have your names ready?


Here is an article about Puffin Patrol: 


June 2015


Puffins with sand eels in their beaks have been spotted on Skomer. That only means one thing, baby on board!


The puffins have returned back to Gull Island, Newfoundland for the summer. Check out our burrow cameras to get a unique look at puffin life.


May 2015


It's May and that means our Memorial University summer PhD students will be heading back to Gull Island to study the puffins for another summer. What will they find this year?


Earth Touch has come on as the distributor for "Puffin Patrol". For distribution information contact Susan Lee at susan@earthtouchuk.com.