Top Ten Cutest Puffins EVER!

Prepare for puffin cuteness overload! Which puffin is your favourite?

How Much Do You Know About Puffins?

We asked some people in Newfoundland and Maine about puffins. See how you measure up!

Egg Care 101

Gull Island, Newfoundland burrow camera reveals puffin parent's looking after their precious cargo. They only lay one egg a year!

Bringing Up Baby

The Gull Island, Newfoundland puffin camera reveals some remarkable things about being a puffin parent.

Puffling Life

The Gull Island burrow camera reveals life in the burrow for a puffing. It's a bit on the dull side and you are hungry a lot. Where are those parents? Aren't they supposed to be bring fish to the burrow?