Newfoundland filmmaker Rosemary House has been writing, directing and producing films since 1990 when she wrote and produced "Rufus Guinchard” about the legendary NL fiddler, and directed the award-winning, TIFF presented short "When Women Are Crazy".  Since then she’s made over 20 films including the feature film comedy "Violet" (2001), starring Mary Walsh and produced by Mary Sexton, "Rain, Drizzle and Fog" (1998) about her beloved hometown of St. John’s, and "Salvation" (2002), about life in the streets in Toronto, nominated for the Donald Brittain Award. Other Gemini nominated films includeBloomsday Cabaret (2005) about music in the work of Irish genius James Joyce and Christopher House Ahead of the Curve (2007) about the art and process of dance.   


Most recently, Rosemary wrote and produced Hold Fast (2013) the award winning, critically acclaimed feature directed by Justin Simms, and together with partner Charlotte Engel wrote and produced "Puffin Patrol" (2015) for the CBC.  She is currently shooting "Wild Thing", a co-production with the NFB, about the suppliers behind Newfoundland’s modern culinary movement.  House is also developing three feature projects including "Auntie Vigilantes", "The Portuguese Boy", and "Travel Anywhere", with Lois Brown.  







Charlotte Engel has over 20 years of experience working in the television and film industries. Based in Toronto, Engel develops, produces and consults on television and film productions. She produced "Carpe Diem: A Fishy Tale" for CBC's "The Nature of Things",  co-produced "Mugshot" for TVO with Public Pictures, and Executive Produced "Fractured Land" for CBC's documentary. 


Prior to Rock Yenta, Engel was a commissioning editor at CHUM, CTV and BELL MEDIA for over nine years. Specializing in factual, reality and performing arts programming, Engel oversaw programming for many factual channels from start to finish. 


After years of working on other people's projects, in 2011 Engel saw an opportunity to start her own business. With a wide roster of contacts, great ideas and a solid knowledge of film and television, it was Engel's time to start her own company. Bringing together her love of music and her solid nature (Rock) and her love of putting greatminds and talent together (Yenta), 'Rock Yenta' was born in April 2011.






Scott Dobson is a Gemini-nominated, award winning Producer/Director with over 25 years experience in documentary, factual, and corporate productions. Most recently Scott directed "Carpe Diem: A Fishy Tale" for CBC’s "The Nature of Things" 2012/13 season; a one-hour show investigating the invasive Asian Carp.


In 2011/12 Scott produced and wrote "Church Of Elvis", a 3 hour documentary about the spiritual world of Elvis Presley, and the one hour "Elvis In Love", a sister show, for Vision TV. Prior, he produced the very successful "spam: The Documentary" for CBC/Court TV, Nominated for 2 Gemini Awards. He has produced 3 seasons of the hit show Bingo and a Movie (72 episodes) for the Aboriginal People’s Television Network, "Jazzman" (13 episodes) and then "Bluesman" (13 episodes), both for Bravo! Canada. 






Nigel has worked in documentary and dramatic films in the Atlantic Region as a cinematographer, director and producer for over 30

years. He has a background in television journalism as a result of his years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and has worked as cinematographer on numerous award winning documentary projects with the National Film Board of Canada including "Pelts: Politics of the Fur Trade", "The Okimah",  "Place of the Boss", "Tommy: A Family Portrait", "Passage" and "Drummer’s Dream".



Nigel has had the opportunity of working on projects with many of the region’s leading independent documentary directors and producers. He is currently Director of Photography, 2nd Unit on the CBC TV series Republic of Doyle.






Carole is a Toronto-based editor originally from Nova Scotia. For the past eighteen years she has been editing documentaries ("Carpe Diem: A Fishy Tale", "Songbird SOS", "Things That Move") and fiction films ("Outlaws of Missouri", "Fairytales and Pornography"), and she has collaborated with award-winning filmmakers Richard Fung ("Sea in the Blood") and Therese Shechter ("I Was A Teenage Feminist").


She is a past member of the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto and served on the board of Charles Street Video. She studied film at Ryerson University and was an Editor Resident at the Canadian Film Centre.


Carole heart is torn between her love of puffins and her lovely dog Maisie. If she hadn’t become an editor, Carole would have been an ethologist, a biologist and/or a hermit.





Mark is multi skilled composer who has recently scored the soundtrack to the feature film "Hold Fast". When not composing for film and television, Bragg can be found playing in St. John's.


Alluring and demented, Mark Bragg and a crackerjackband of fellow Newfoundlanders in St. John's storm through haunting, off-kilter songs on the delightfully disturbing "Your Kiss". An odd duck live, Bragg is perfectly at home unsettling a roomful of people with his blunt humour, but even if he's joking about teaching an infant how to be his designated driver, he does so like a master storyteller, with charm and graceful timing.Those same skills are all over "Your Kiss", which borrows liberally from a songwriting tradition spanning everyone from Captain Beefheart to Gordon Gano, in that weird punk/folk realm where dark reality jibes with razor-sharp absurdity. The threat is on instantly, as Bragg sings the opening title track's menacing lyrics, before launching into the murderous"Your Boys Home."


While Nick Cave and Black Francis haunt fantastical songs like "Roll Baby Roll" and "You Be theBoy," which mannishly mess with gender dynamics, Bragg's real muse is Bruce Springsteen. An acknowledged fan, Bragg pays homage to the Boss's mid-'70s style with the structure and emotion of things like "The Cutter" and "The Fool" but, rather than romantic, the characters throughout "Your Kiss" generally sound completely nuts. (VISH KHANNA)